Romania Without Orphans


Is a Romania without orphans possible?

In 2014, together with a group of like minded believers, Nathan and the CoMission for Children at Risk helped to start a Christian adoption care movement in Romania called of Romania Without Orphans.

The movement began to take small steps to raise awareness, promote adoption as the best solution for abandoned children, train adoptive and foster families, and work with members of parliament to create better adoption laws. 

By the end of 2021, shortly after our team helped to change one of two adoption laws, Romania hit a twenty year record number of adoptions! 

Yes, it is possible!


What is Romania Without Orphans?

Romania Without Orphans is a movement of believers united by the common goal of helping orphans find loving families where they come to know God as Father and go on to live healthy, productive lives.

We seek to activate, mobilize, and equip families in Romania to care for orphans. 

We train adoptive and foster parents in trauma-competent care. 

We work locally with Child Protection Offices to help train adoptive parents and childcare workers and to promote adoption.

We work with members of parliament to improve laws that govern child protection. 

You can help change the lives of orphans Partner with us!

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Help abandoned children to find a family!

The Romania Without Orphans team works year-round to engage, inspire, and train believers  to care for orphans.

Dream with us! Donate and pray with us for a Romania without orphans!

Helping Children and Families in Ukraine

Romania shares a common border with Ukraine. From the beginning of the war, Nathan and the CoMission for Children at Risk have been involved in helping to care for refugees as well as helping to send humanitarian aid back into Ukraine.

Families in Ukraine continue to need our supoort.

Relief assistance will go toward food, temporary housing, medical help, gas/transportation, and other needs that may arise.

Donate to help us to serve those affected by the war including children and families who are in need. 

Romania Without Orphans

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