Karmen and Kristen Friesen

Networking, resourcing and equipping leaders globally to engage the Church in their own countries to care for orphans
About Us

My initial connection to Russia came in 1994-95 when I taught economics and English in the Moscow public school system as part of a short-term mission team. In subsequent years, I made numerous ministry trips to Russia. It was there that I met Kristen, who was working in a state-run boarding school, and was introduced to the needs of orphans and street children.

I first traveled to Russia in January 1992 with a group from my college. During that trip, I was burdened by the plight of street children. God gave me a strong desire to return to Russia and share Christ's hope and love with children at risk. The following two years, I participated in short-term mission trips aimed at addressing the needs of orphans. For five years (1994-1999), I served full-time in Moscow teaching English and Bible in a government-run "internat" (boarding school) for children whose families were unable or unwilling to care for them.

In the summer of 2000, we responded to God's call to serve with The CoMission for Children at Risk. After helping to organize the National Summit for Children at Risk in Atlanta, we spent a year in Moscow building the foundation for the work of The CoMission. At the end of 2001, we returned to the States where Karmen continues the day-to-day work of facilitating partnerships among mission agencies and churches. He is responsible for gathering and sharing information, much of which is available on www.orphancareresources.org and www.worldwithoutorphans.org, on the work of more than 300 Christian organizations.  He is also responsible for coordinating conferences and other events that bring Christian leaders together for networking and encouragement and to be further equipped to help believers care for orphans.

Kristen's primary focus is on our two children, Luka and Anya, although she remains actively involved in the ministry of The CoMission in an administrative support role.   We would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact us anytime.

“The orphan is not a cause. The orphan is not an issue.
The orphan has a human face, and that face is Galilean.
Jesus tells us that when we see the poor, the weak,
the vulnerable, the tossed aside, we see Him there."  

- Dr. Russell Moore