Nathan and Roxana Burke

Working toward the vision of a Romania Without Orphans.

The dream of a Romania without orphans...

We believe in the dream that every orphan child dreams--that there would be a family for every child.

We are working to see that dream become a reality.

Julia's story

CoMission in Romania

Nathan serves on the Romania Without Orphans movement's core team with a focus on training and supporting families.

Healing comes to children who have experienced trauma and grief through loving families who are trained and supported.

For the sake of hurting children, for the strengthening of adoptive families when caring is difficult, and for the suststainability of the movement, 

we believe strongly in the importance of training and support. 

The Romania Without Orphans Movement

Raising awareness

There are around 50,000 chidren currently in child protection services in Romania.  

Engaging and Activating churches and believers

Families all over the country are needed. James 1:27 calls the church to respond. 

Training and Support for those who care for orphans

Families need to be prepared and supported in helping children heal from trauma and grief. 

Advocating for a new adoption law in Romania

The current adoption law inadvertently ends up keeping many children unadoptable. Romania Without Orphans has been invited to give input on a new adoption law that, if passed, could change the lives of thousands of children. 

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History of the vision

Nathan's vision is comprised of two points:

-to be a father to the fatherless 

-to be part of a movement to empower Romanian believers to care for orphans.

A father to the fatherless

God’s call to ministry came through the Psalm 68:5: “A father to the God….” This verse reveals God’s character with a clear description of what He is like. Those words shaped Nathan's vision for ministry to orphans.

Nathan lived out this call as a father to the fatherless through mentoring eight children who were placed in institutions. Those children are now adults and Nathan remains committed to maintaining a relationship with them. 

Part of a movement in Romania

We believe that orphans should be helped in the context of deep, loving, and redemptive relationships. 

In order to care for 50,000 orphans in Romania, we believe that a movement is needed to encourage and empower Romanians to care for orphans.

In 2013, we connected with like-minded leaders in Romania and we were part of the founding team of Romania Without Orphans.