World Without Orphans

World Without Orphans is now the main initiative of CoMission!  With World Without Orphans we are pursuing a world where every child is cared for in a safe and loving family, and reaches their God-given potential.

In 2019, the best estimates show there are from 2 to 8 million children living in orphanages around the world, more than 150 million children who have lost one or both parents, and more than 1 billion children who experience serious abuse each year. Research shows that children best develop and thrive in safe, stable, and nurturing families, with the greatest opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Church worldwide is uniquely positioned to advance collaboration across government, business, faiths, and other spheres of influence towards the vision of a world without orphaned and vulnerable children.

World Without Orphans is calling and equipping national leaders to collaborate in solving their own country’s orphaned and vulnerable children crisis.

What began in Ukraine in 2010 as one nation’s dream has gone on to become a global movement, with active initiatives currently in 38 countries, and 47 more nations with emerging WWO partners!

In India, Anu Silas previously ran a children’s home, but as she faced burnout and began to see there were ways she could help kids remain in their families and never enter an orphanage to begin with, she changed her ministry strategy. Now Anu and her team at her local NGO work to prevent family separation in their community in India by creating income-generating opportunities for poor families. "The Lord is at work! A lot is happening, and we are excited, encouraged and being equipped through World Without Orphans. Thank you so much!" -Anu

In the Philippines, Robby de Luzuriaga leads a growing movement of Philippines Without Orphans, where broadscale collaboration remains one of their greatest values as they tackle solutions to address the needs of the 1.8 million orphaned children in the Philippines. “People have come to know Philippines Without Orphans as a go-to network. We’ve had government, hospitals, poor people, jobless, wealthy, and others come to us for help. The idea of broad-scale collaboration has been very key to PWO’s development.” - Robby

Who are the orphaned and vulnerable children and how can we best respond to their needs? Watch and join the movement!

When you give to World Without Orphans, you make a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children around the globe! HELP TODAY!


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Calling and equipping national leaders to collaborate in solving their own country's orphaned and vulnerable children crisis
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