World Without Orphans

World Without Orphans (WWO) is a global Christian movement that promotes family-based care and assists national grassroots initiatives. CoMission helped to launch and contributes to the leadership of WWO, which joins the efforts of a wide array of organizations, churches, and individuals who are working together through informal partnership. Since 2012, the WWO movement has been instrumental in catalyzing and developing national orphan care movements in 20 countries, providing networking opportunities for Christian, NGO and government leaders, and assisting in capacity building projects that support family-based care. Leaders from many other countries are interested in this vision, and are exploring ways to start a movement in their own nation.

As part of these efforts, CoMission along with a number of other organizations in the movement are planning and hosting the Global Forum for a World Without Orphans, which will bring together 500 leaders from 60 countries on February 11-14, 2016 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to activate, connect, and equip the Christian community worldwide to effectively address the orphan crisis. Leaders will work together to develop solutions that provide every child with a safe, permanent, and nurturing family and will share and learn best practice models from each other.  The forum will also provide a platform for collaboration between the various represented entities and facilitate opportunities to explain the vision for family-based care and its necessity at cultural, social, religious and government levels to key national leaders.   The Global Forum receives guidance from leadership of the Transform World, 4/14 Window, Lausanne Movement, World Evangelical Alliance, Global Children’s Forum and other networks. 

The immediate outcomes expected of the Global Forum include: 1) new national orphan care movements launched, 2) churches worldwide mobilized and equipped to support family-based care, 3) best practices in caring for orphans and vulnerable children identified and multiplied, 4) capacity of existing national orphan care movements increased, 5) unity and collaboration within the global Christian community as it relates to addressing the orphan crisis increased.

The long-term expected outcomes include: 1) a global paradigm shift from institutional care to family-based care for orphans, 2) an increased number of children living in safe, stable, and nurturing family environments through reunification with rehabilitated biological families/relatives, foster care placements or adoption placements, and 3) increased resources mobilized to support growing national orphan care movements.  

Your encouragement, prayers, and financial gifts to any of CoMission's staff and projects are being used by God to impact the lives of children through national believers in countries around the world.  We are so grateful for your faithfulness in partnering with us to join God in what He is doing for children! 

Read more here if you would like to know more about World Without Orphans!

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