Christina DeSantis

Networking, training, equipping and providing resources to leaders globally in their own countries to care for orphans and the vulnerable both spiritually and physically.

Christina DeSantis has a vision of a world where men, women and children of all ages are no longer spiritual or physical orphans but thrive living fully connected in loving environments growing in their God-given identity, purpose, and potential in every aspect of life. 


As a Communications and Strategy Specialist for CoMission, Christina will be working closely with Karmen and Kristen Friesen and Ruslan Maliuta in preparing for the upcoming World Without Orphans (WWO) Global Forum to be held in Thailand. This includes building infrastructure; developing or gathering content and resources to equip and encourage leaders in the WWO movement; and, networking individuals, churches, orphan care ministries, governmental agencies, and charity organizations. In personal ministry Christina will continue mentoring and facilitating environments in the market place and Church for women and men to fully thrive.


With a BA in International Affairs and an emphasis on Eastern Europe and Former Soviet influenced territories, her first tour of the region began in 1990 with a small group of school buddies and foreign service officers. It was an extraordinary time to travel the region as it was undergoing social, political, and economic transitioning. Most importantly the people in the region were breaking through to a greater place of freedom and expression.

In 1999 Christina went on her first mission trip to Kiev, Ukraine visiting many orphanages in smaller cities and remote areas of the region. It was the heart break of only being able to spend just a few short hours at each orphanage and seeing the hard living conditions and lack of joy present in the children that kept her pressing into God's heart for keys to help unlock the potential of each child. She spent over five years going deeper in relationship by investing time and love by taking ministry teams into one particular orphanage in the Voronezh region. While the emphasis has been in Eastern Europe over the years, Christina is now shifting some focus to Spanish-speaking regions and Asia.

Serving as the Missions Director for the Single Adults Ministry for First Baptist Atlanta for five years, Christina trained and led 11 cross cultural teams and trained approximately 600 people for cross cultural missions ministry service. For seven years she worked at In Touch Ministries, the international broadcast ministry of Dr. Charles F. Stanley. She also lived in Moscow full-time from 2006 to 2008 serving as the Director of Communication for a non-profit ministry collecting testimonies and writing about the events taking place across the region. In more recent years Christina's focus has been State-side while investing time strengthening skills in healing and counseling with an emphasis on identity and purpose. 

In the market place Christina is a consultant in the Multi-Family Real Estate Industry and serves with both IREM GA (Institute for Real Estate Management) and NAHREP Atlanta Chapter (National Association for Hispanic Real Estate Professionals).


When she’s not writing, networking, and building infrastructure with fellow teammates with World Without Orphans and CoMission, you can find her teaching at Kennesaw State University and mentoring and leading men and women in the market place and  Buckhead Church (North Point Community Church | Pastor Andy Stanley).


Christina's interests and favorite things include hanging out with her son, Nick, spending time with family and friends, working out, encouraging others, drinking mochas with friends at the local coffee house, trying new cuisines, exploring cultures, music, dance, theater, watching James Bond and Jason Bourne movies, architecture, hiking, peonies, and garden designs.