Dennis and Janna Danilova

Inspiring, equipping and networking Russian believers and Christian leaders to care for children at risk and find families for orphans.

Janna joined CoMission’s newly-formed sister network, the Russian National Network for Children at Risk in 2004. By that time, a number of organizations, church ministries and volunteer movements had experience and skills in working with children at risk, but there was a need for information sharing, experience exchange, and networking to provide much more qualified help to children at risk, including street children, orphans and juvenile offenders. The National Network for Children at Risk was designed to meet these needs. In partnership with CoMission, the Russian Orphan Care Resources website, was launched in 2005. Events, videos, articles, books, programs, manuals and other useful resources from experts and workers from CIS countries, focused on one goal, were gathered in one place and made widely available.

Janna comments that, “Once I joined this network I realized this is where my heart is. There is a need and there is a resource. It is important to build a bridge between them to see the changed life of an orphan.”

The National Network in partnership with CoMission and other organizations hosts conferences, workshops and trainings to inspire ministry and orphan care workers, volunteers and church leaders to share experience, to equip them with the best resources and to provide networking so they can care for children at risk and find families for orphans.

In 2010, Janna and the National Network joined with key leaders from Moscow and St. Petersburg, inspired by the new Ukraine Without Orphans Alliance to start a Russia Without Orphans movement.   The National Network for Children at Risk is now a practical and useful resource for the Russia Without Orphans movement.   It inspires, equips and networks people to find families for orphans and care for them.

Janna has a precious daughter and a husband who supports her to live and serve with a heart for orphans and children at risk.  Your prayer and financial partnership with Janna is impacting the lives of hundreds and thousands of orphans as Russian believers are equipped to bring orphans into their families.