Russia Without Orphans

Russia Without Orphans is a movement of already existing and successful initiatives, organizations and leaders, united by shared views on the issues of adoption and work with orphans and children left without parental care. Our strength is in our members and with hundreds of people and organizations engaging, the closer we are to this goal - Russia, where every child is "somebody's child!"

Started in 2011, The RWO Alliance has a casebook of more then one hundred events and projects successfully held in about 45 regions of Russia. The network of the Alliance is supported by all the major evangelical denominations with passionate support from their leaders and pastors. RWO has coordinators and initiative groups in about 60 out of 84 regions of Russia. Energetic activity of these on-the-ground teams has already catalyzed four powerful regional movements for the the sake of orphans in the Far East, Siberia, Southern Russia (Krasnodar region), Polar Murmansk area, and Moscow Region.  These operate on their own resources and leadership, while being a part of the RWO family. These five regional Alliances unite a wide range of orphan care and adoption initiatives, churches, governmental structures and representatives, some business and media, domestic leaders of opinion, sportsmen, artists and performers. Additionally, RWO has about ten new domestic and regional movements from across the country in the process of gaining wide recognition and support.

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