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What is Orphan Care Resources?

Orphan Care Resources is YOUR place to share and find the adoption and orphan care resources you need!  By bringing together the knowledge and experience of hundreds of organizations, experts, and passionate believers who have responded to God’s call to care for the fatherless, and then making that information easily available, OrphanCareResources.org is equipping believers to care for orphans.  Whether you are an individual, lead a church orphan ministry, or work with an adoption or orphan care organization, learn how orphancareresources.org can serve you!

Why is Orphan Care Resources Needed? 

In the US, Russia, and countries around the world, believers are better understanding God’s heart for orphans and His call for the church to care for them. Churches in many countries are becoming increasingly passionate about starting orphan ministries, but they all too often have to depend on limited ideas and resources.   At The CoMission for Children at Risk, we believe it is critical that individuals, churches and Christian organizations have access to the best orphan care resource material available.

However, a comprehensive directory of orphan care resources has never existed.  While thousands of different methods, programs, materials and media exist to minister to orphans, there hasn't been a central clearinghouse for these resources. Organizations, churches and individuals facing challenges or desiring to develop their orphan ministries typically have few places to turn for help, if any. Parents bringing children into their families through adoption or foster care would also benefit greatly by having somewhere to go for resources specific to their needs. These organizations, churches and believers need support!

Thankfully, hundreds of orphan care organizations and churches have developed materials and would love to make them available to anyone passionate about orphan ministry. They just need a medium to share information and interact with others with the same passion for the fatherless. Even though many English resources are offered online, they are often hard to find for those that need them most. Thousands of other valuable resources remain generally unknown and undistributed.  Yet, while our staff have done an excellent job of creating a database of orphan care resources and events, it would be impossible for a few people to create and manage the comprehensive orphan care resource directory that is so desperately needed.

By taking advantage of advanced social networking technologies that are just now becoming available, we are expanding our reach to be able to impact the lives of orphans through churches and organizations like the ones in Magadan, Russia, and Albania. Through our partnerships with organizations in networks like The CoMission, the Russian National Network, Ukraine Without Orphans, A Home for Every Orphan, and the Christian Alliance for Orphans, we have access to a pool of resources far greater than ever before. By bringing together the knowledge and experience of hundreds of organizations, experts, and passionate believers who have responded to God’s call to care for the fatherless, and then making that information easily available, the Russian and English versions of the Orphan Care Resources Directory will help equip believers around the world to care for orphans.

The basis of the website is a comprehensive orphan care resource and event directory which serves as a repository for the most recent and relevant information on caring for orphans. Events and resources are “tagged” with relevant search words, allowing anyone looking for information to easily search for resources and events that are most relevant to their need, and filter the list of the relevant results even further to really identify the best information.

How is Orphan Care Resources Unique?

It is the method of gathering and distributing information which makes the Orphan Care Resources directory uniquely effective. Using new two-way syndication technology, the directory can be displayed on any organization, church or personal website, so that these groups can share the orphan care resource information they choose, with their constituents, right on their own site. A church orphan ministry, for example, will be able to easily and automatically highlight the most relevant books, videos, or events for their members. The people they are serving are resourced without having to search the web on their own, or even having to visit other websites.

Similarly, individual authors and organizations that produce orphan care resources and events will be able to take advantage of the full Orphan Care Resources directory system, so that their own resources, and any other materials they choose, are displayed in a searchable directory on their own site. Simply by copying and pasting one piece of code to their site, they not only are able to use the system as their own, but any resources they list on their site are made available to the community directory and therefore to thousands of partner sites around the world. Any time a partner adds or edits any item description, those changes are reflected on every site in the system, so that content is always current on every site. By bringing together the knowledge and experience of hundreds of organizations and experts, and then making that information easily available to believers around the world, the Church will be empowered to care for the fatherless.

Thanks for visiting orphancareresources.org! We hope that this website will equip and enable you to more effectively serve orphans.



Karmen Friesen

Founder, OrphanCareResources.org
Executive Director, CoMission for Children at Risk 

- See more at: http://orphancareresources.org/about/orphan-care-resources

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