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2006 US State Department Report of Trafficking



In 2006, the US State Department published a report on human trafficking around the world.  The report designates each country as a country of orgin, transit or destination.  Each country also recieves a rating based on the level of trafficking in the country and what the government is doing to combat human trafficking. 

Russia was rated one of the worst countries in terms of human trafficking, not only because of the proliferation of human trafficking but also because the government has taken very few steps in recent years to curb human trafficking or to investigate cases of trafficking.  According to the report, "Russia is placed on Tier 2 Watch List for a third consecutive year for its continued failure to show evidence of increasing efforts to combat trafficking, particularly in the area of victim protection and assistance" (Trafficking in Persons Report, Part IV, para. 13).  

Please check the report to read the full report about Russia or your country of interest.  Click here for the home page of the entire report.  The country reports are in section IV. Country Narratives and listed in alphabetical order.

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