Romania Without Orphans Fund

Help orphans find forever families! You can transform lives and empower Romanians to action!
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You can transform lives and empower Romanians to care for orphans!

The Romania Without Orphans Alliance is actively working to help orphans find forever families.

Your financial gift can...

1) Raise awareness: there are over 7,000,000 households in Romania and 58,000 children in the child protective system. This is doable!

2) Train adoptive families, foster families and other orphan care workers. Training and support is key to successful interventions. 

3) Help us to work with the Romanian government to shape new laws that make it possible for more children find forever families.

4) Reach out to pastors and churches to encourage them to embrace the key role the CHURCH plays in fulfilling this vision (James 1:27). 

5) Sponsor our national orphan care summit. Each year we host a national summit to raise awareness, encourage and inspire people to care for orphans, and provide training. 

We are in the midst of planning our next summit that will take place in Bucharest, Romania on October 26-29. We are aiming for 500 individuals, pastors, and professionals to come and catch God’s vision for a Romania without orphans. 

When you pray and give you join us in transforming lives by empowering Romanians to care for orphans! 

Would you please consider helping us to find a family for every child?

Thank you!

For more information, please visit: Romania Without Orphans Alliance (