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Year founded 2001
# of full-time staff 2
# of part-time staff 4
Avg. annual number of volunteers 20
Leader   James Peipon, Pediatrician/Medical Director

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Ukraine Medical Outreach

5592 Pinecrest Circle
Noblesville, Indiana 46062
Phone:+1 (317) 289-7656
E-mail:Send email

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Regions of Ministry Type of Ministry (with number of children served per month)
Kiev Region - Kiev
 Adoption/Foster Care
Foster Care
Disabled Orphans
Education Resources
HIV/AIDS and/or Sex
Humanitarian Aid
Medical Resources


Mission Statement

The purpose of Ukraine Medical Outreach is to transform the Ukrainian Medical System by reaching the physicians of Ukraine for Christ and providing humanitarian assistance. We work with medical professionals to teach them, a Christian philosophy of medicine, how to share their faith with their patients, provide continuing medical education, as well as assisting them with caring for their patients. We provide care in villages, orphanages, and consultations to patients desiring second opinions for complicated medical cases.



Overview of Ministry Activity

We have translated and developed Bible studies for health care professionals to learn more how their faith impacts their profession. Medically we provide consultations in order to obtain proper medical care within the country. Through a network of foreign consultants we provide additional support and care for individuals seeking a second opinion. We use medical education conferences to improve the knowledge and care of Ukrainian physicians as well as to build relationships within the medical community and share the Gospel with health care professionals. We assist in the provision of humanitarian aid in the form of basic medical equipment and occasionally more advanced equipment. We work in hospitals caring for orphans and children with HIV/AIDS to provide assistance to the staff to care for those children without parents to help them during their hospitalization.



Plans and Goals

We would like to develop leadership among national health care professionals in order to develop an association of providers who are competent, compassionate and Christian. We would like to see child orphaned or abandoned by HIV/AIDS be able to live in a home setting instead of and orphanage.


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